NeuroSapient, Inc.

When Time Is Brain

Imagine that you are in a car accident.

You've hit your head, so the paramedics rush you to the hospital. A quick CAT scan is normal, but you're kept under observation for a while, just in case.

6 hours later you are dead.

What happened? You developed a small bleed in the brain, called a hematoma, which gradually compressed the brain. By the time you developed neurological symptoms, it was too late.

We lose 10,000 patients each year from falls, accidents, and strokes because we fail to notice such delayed bleeding in the brain in time. And time is brain.

We can do something about this. With early detection, hematomas are highly treatable, and many lives can be saved.

NeuroSapient is partnering with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California to develop a new non-invasive monitoring device called MUIR. It uses low-power radar to look inside a patient's head - and raises the alarm when something goes terribly wrong.

In time to save your brain.